Wednesday, 7 January 2009

new shows

feb 13th - basement show in greenwich with a few other bands who i think are loud kinda hardcore/noise????

feb 14th - is the day of love, don't expect to share it with thee mighty fair-ohs.

feb 15th - the hobgoblin in brighton w/ cold pumas & teeth. It is for Sex is Disgusting who are putting out the debut Fair Ohs 7", well done chaps.

Cold Pumas make amazing riff based repetitve rock like Can / Liars / ZZ Top, with Dan from Tropics and Ollie and Patrick from The Light Sleepers. They enjoy high fiving and lunches on the beach.


Teeth are from Dalston and do a nice run in noisey indie punk, im sure dancing is on the menu at the teeth diner on kingland road. They enjoy a bit of shirts off cut offs.


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