Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Love is Love


Download here:

This is an amazing compilation, like all the other Mississippi Records comps, with this being all African Highlife/R&B/Blues, amazing stuff!

As much as the Mississippi comps and reissues of 1920's blues, 60's Soul, garage rock, African highlife and RNB are probably my favourite find this year, i hear that they dont pay royalties to the orginal artists and have been known to just reissue stuff without asking, which is pretty much bootlegging, so here are the links to download alot of this stuff, as its all out of print anyway.

Check out these 2 blogs belwo for links to downloads!



And if you think the people who made this amazing music deserves payment, then check out the releases on Analog Africa. Not only do they go over and track down the songs, records, people involved, they also sort out royalties and keep some killer tracks in print that would otherwise not make it over here.

Check the http://www.analogafrica.blogspot.com/ for new stuff.

Eddy recently got me the 2XLP of "The Legends of Benin" which rules, highly recommended Afrobeat/Afro funk etc. Thanks Eddy!


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