Monday, 5 October 2009

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Male Bonding / Fair Ohs - Live In London! (Italian Beach Babes #03)


A live set from each band, recorded in London on 3/10/2009 (released 12/10/2009)

Violent & Obscene : A Tribute To GG Allin (Italian Beach Babes #02)


4 band split 7", all doing their spin on GG Allin songs

Fair-Ohs- Automatic
Male Bonding- You hate me and i hate you
Pens- I dont give a shit
Graffiti Island- Drink, Fight & Fuck (out now)

WATT Makes a Man Start a Band compilation tape (Shabeen Scene tapes)


Bands =

Fair Ohs
Proto Idiot
Wake Up Dead
Deserate Lemmy Caution
Black Time
The Katarakt
Missing Limbs
Dan & ben Russell
Work That Skirt
The Make Outs
The Hipshakes
Ty Segall
Black Mamba Beat

Edition of 100 x tape in green - 16 bands = 19 songs

Fair Ohs track = Hospitals

email for info

Pacific Rim Tape - 7 Songs (Suplex Cassettes #02)


Tracks :

I'm Following You
Get Sun
I'm a Woman, I'm Your Wife
You've Got Teeth
Kiss Party

Edition of 50 x tape in blue, purple & lilac with felt cover (sold out)

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  1. would you be able to post the "Our Days on the Pacific Rim" tape up for download somewhere? thanks, ed