Tuesday, 29 June 2010

BBC Radio 1 - Thanks Huw

The lovely Hum Stephens had us in for a session on radio 1 at Maidavale which was aired last wednesday. If you hit up the radio 1 website and look at Huw Stephens show, you will see a few videos of us playing, one of which i've posted below for 'Almost Island'

We also did a little interview and recorded 4 songs with him which was amazing, something i have always wanted to do. the whole maidavale team were all really cool and helpful and prevented a matt flag meltdown when his bass amp and delay pedals died, by wheeling out a nice 60's bass amp, score!

have a little isten on the bbc website as it also has a new unreleased song 'Everything is Dancing' along with old staples 'Summer Lake', 'Almost Island' and our new 7" 'Eden Rock'. You may also catch an acapella version of 'Easy (like a sunday morning), Eddy singing a Mariah Carey classic on Paul McCartneys Piano and our BBC Radio 1 jingle, pretty rad!

Thanks Huw, you rule!

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