Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Here is some other stuff we do outside of Fair Ohs that is super rad and maybe you wanna check out???

Joe plays in The One which is his retro futuristic soul band. It rules and he can love you in a number of ways, which is pretty special.

Eddy has started a label, Dream Beach Records, that will be releasing some killer music on vinyl from Africa and other far flung and exotic places, but these will be bands playing now, making noises today, not just re-releasing old African classics as is the trend lately (its still a good trend though). He also posts up cool things to listen to on the blog, educational and fun!

Matt writes a regular column for Ghost Panda Digital which is called First Base and is his place to tell the world about what music he loves.

He also writes his own tape blog, Tapelove, reviewing the stupid amount of tapes he buys and gets sent.

Finally, he release tapes on his tape label, Suplex Cassettes by amazing bands such as Spectrals, Teen Sheikhs, Beaters, Light Sleepers, Fair Ohs, Golden Grrrls, Boredom Boys, An Emergency etc. Coming soon are tapes from The Sceptres, Sauna Youth, Teeth!!, The One, Human Race, Lovvers etc.

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