Friday, 26 November 2010


Tonight we are going to see our friend Rory Bratwell to off finish the last bits to what will be our first Album . Rory has a lovely little studio which is a 4 minute walk from my flat and a 2 min walk from Faulkners Fish & Chips Shop which does some mean fish cakes that sits well with a side of chips and curry sauce. FYI Rory is an indie rock legend and directly influenced the summer of New Rave just like Minor Threat showed people it was fun to not have fun.

If you think that Fair Ohs were at their best when they played 1 minute long hardcore garage punk ditties with lots of noise and feedback before they took their shoes off like hippies and started singing about beaches and playing sitars like some balding yet ponytailed sandle wearing world music mutherfuckers then i'm sorry, you're gonna hate this shit.

If you realised that only listening to fast music and being a 'punk' wasnt as important as mortgages, financial stability, nice meals, holidays without your parents, spongebob drumsticks, guitars that dont stay in tune because they look so FUCKING good and cost a packet,a nice bottle of whiskey for when you get homeafter your 9-5 kickass upper management job, tapping in on the bendy bus and shoes without holes, then you are in for a treat.

Who cares though right, as long as people think we still sound like AV meets VW, we're bound for mad dollars, am i right?

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  1. jesus matt, i think you're the only person on earth who thinks mortgages are more fun than being a punk...