Thursday, 3 March 2011

Holland Feb 2011

Leaving London in Roy the Red Rover. Thank you for not breaking down and holding 4 people and all of our equipment, merch and bullshit.

 Rob Casswell - Ex Army, Driver of Roy, Seller of Merch, Toker of Doobie.

Post Merch

Tour Spiel

Get Real


Gilmore Girls mornings in Den Bosch

Eric is an artist. He painted a picture whilst we threw down what we thought was a killer set. A dutch journalist said that our 'Emotionless singer, standard basslines and derivitive rhythms' were no match for his picture of a giant face.
Eric The Artist = 1
Fair Ohs = 0

Tropical Hammer

Thank you Captain Ponytail & Bas from Belmont Bookings.

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