Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dream Beach

Eddy Fair Ohs runs a label called Dream Beach Records that has just released its first 7" for Nguuni Lovers Lovers. Check out the song below, buy the 7" from the shop and read the blurb as Dreambeach is more than just another punk label!

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Nguuni Lovers Lovers - Beth Kathini by Dream Beach Records

My aims with Dream Beach Records are fairly simple - I want to get people like me and my friends, people who are into indie and punk music, to listen to African and non-western music. Bands like Animal Collective, Vampire weekend, Gang Gang Dance - and of course the wonderful Fair Ohs, that I am in - have done a fair amount to open up audiences to the idea of non-western music, and Idon't think it's seen as such a cheesy 'World Music' cliche anymore."

The first release will be Cheza Ngoma by Nguuni Lovers Lovers:

"Nguuni Lovers Lovers are from a small town called Mlolongo in Kenya. They play a form of Kenyan guitar music called Kamba that's fast and repetitive but always super melodic. There's not been much Kamba music released in the west, so even though it shares a lot of similarities with some other Kenyan genres it'll definitely stand on its own."

"Hopefully, if we can release contemporary African music in the same way as a release from an East London indie band for example, Dream Beach can go some way towards helping African and non-western music become even more accepted. Anyway, I'm bloody excited."

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