Monday, 21 November 2011

Pacific Rim (Revisited)

This came out and we forgot to talk about it!

This 7" is basically the the songs from Fair Ohs first tape Pacific Rim plus 4 songs from the same era.
We have kinda changed things up a bit but still love these songs, sometime dropping them into a set for fun or too piss people off. This is us flexing more of our garage punk hardcore stuff, when we were ripping on Das Oath more than African folk music, more Nuggets than Mississippi!

Get it here, its on lovely blue vinyl and for some of you it will be the best thing we have done, for others the worst, you decide. Either way, buy it.

Big thanks to Robin Silas from M Bonding for the photos, D Reeves from Cold Pumas for the graphic design,  and team Tough Love for spending money on something that could have stayed as a tape.

 Fair Ohs - My Spit by Tough Love

 Fair Ohs - I'm A Woman, I'm Your Wife by Tough Love

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