Monday, 26 January 2009

New Shows

February is turning out to be a busy one for us, and out of the 6 shows booked so far, 4 of them are FREE!!! This means you can come along and not lose any money, and maybe buy more booze than you previously thought!

2.04.09 FREE party at the Old Blue Last w/Demons and Human Hair
(Demons = Big riffs + Human Hair = henry lovvers, noisey indie)
2.12.09 The A Team present @ Catch = FREE
2.15.09 Brighton Hobgoblin w/ Cold Pumas + Teeth
(see older post about this show, special)
2.23.09 Old blue last w/ Data Select Party FREE
(don't know why we're on this bill , maybe pop/indie fans will like our brand of noise)
2.26.09 Ryans Bar w/Keybore and Plug
(fun time noise with girls and boys)
2.28.09 Beyond Retro Vintage Shop FREE afternoon show

see you there!

matt flag / thee fair ohs xo


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