Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hero #3

LOOK at him! So wise! So fast! So TALL! So unstoppable.
prepare to gawp at the glory that is Kareem Abdul Jabbar - a man of not only unequalled physical prowess, but of immense kindness and depth of intellect.
I wear shoes with his face on them, often. You should show your respects in the same way.
Whenever i am lost or lonely or confused or sexy, i ask myself "What would Kareem do?"* and the path becomes clear.
Now BOW before his greatness!

*worth mentioning that i also often ask "What would Dave Mustaine do?" But that is in altogether different situations, and to be honest just makes me angrier and more ginger. It also makes me able to shred like a beast, so you know...pros and cons and shit.

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