Saturday, 6 June 2009

June listen up!

I made a list of all the good releases i'm listening to right now, thought i'd share it, turns out 2009 is one of my favourite years of releases!

Nodzzz - Live New Years Eve San Francisco 13.31.08 Tape (whats your rupture?)
Just got this rad cassette through the post, which comes free when you pre-order the new 7" (True to Life / Good Times) on Whats Your Rupture? Its a pretty shoddy recording but New years is about drinking and shouting at your friends, which Nodzz seem to do well, including not playing the marijuana song despite crowd shout outs. I listened to this over and over as the best songs from the Lp, 'Controlled Kareoke', 'In The City(Contact High) & 'I Have Bad News' all rule when played slightly sloppy with laughing and heckles. This is a must for all of those people who had their Lp on their top 10's of 2008.

Traditional Fools - S/T Tape (burger records)
Amazing garage/surf/punk band featuring the amazing Ty Segall on drums. This tape has a real live noisey sound which makes it all the better, especially on the opening cover of Billy Childish's 'Davey Crockett', which has a drunken too many beers on the practice room feel to it. Their is definately a Childish element to the whole thing, kinda like some of those live Headcoats or Milkshakes records from the 80's, which is as big a compliment as i can give.

Spectrals - Upcoming songs for Suplex Cassette & Captured Tracks
One man band from Leeds who, cough, ahem, i'm releasing a tape for, which i'm excited about as must Mr Blank Dogs be as he is doing the vinyl version on his amazing Captured tracks label. Spectrals has the garage vibe, but a slower phil spector-esque feel. the tracks i have been sent and the ones on the myspace have been on constant rotation. Late night loves/hate songs for the summer.

Graffiti Island / Rapid Youth / Old Blood / Male Bonding Split 7" (Paradise Vedotrs Inc)
First off the bat, this record looks amazing, has 2 amazing American bands coupled with 2 of the best bands in London to make a great trans atlantic love letter for the noisey punks to make out to. Graffiti Island's track 'Long Neck Tribe' is my favourite song by them yet, especially the whooosshing noise on the chorus, the Rapid Youth makes me think of Nodzzz type ultra pop early violent femmes stuff, Old Blood trash it up in a nice noisey in the red recording and Male Bonding slay the end of this with their ode to Halloween (sounds like a good night). Essential purchase, do it quick, i know there is no tmany left.

Graffiti Island - S/t 7" (House Anxiety)
This is like the GI party 7" for the songs we have all grown to love, 'Headhunters' jungle creeping, the voodoo incantations of 'Bad Potion' and 'Secret Cave'. I love this band, i love the lyrics and i can only wait for someone to throw enough cash in their face for a full length.

Worlds Lousy With Ideas Vol #7 7"(Almost Ready)
4 amazing punk / post punk / garage bands from down under with the ever amazing Eddy Current Suppresion Ring who was the only band i'd heard before, rightly so as they are a killer band who would probably be on more radars if they were from America. But if this 7" is to go by, with bands like UV Race, Super Wild Horses and Straight Arrows also kicking around, seems like Oz has more to offer than Saints reissues!

Worlds Lousy With Ideas Vol #8 LP (Almost Ready)
No Introduction need really, this sells itself, as it has most of the bands i, and the rest of my friends are listening to on a nice slab of 12" vinyl. Vivian Girls, Blanks Dogs, Times New Viking, Intelligence, Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees, Tyvek plus new ones to me Pink reason & Guinea Worms. This is getting alot of plays, and the Intelligence song in particular.

The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace LP (self released)
It took alot of listens for me to get this as it straddles the noise / garage psych-geist, landing firmly on the side of noise more than anything, but on multiple listens, the song starts to come through, the melody is not as hidden as i thought and its starting to get more fun?? i'm no expert on noise music, but for a fan of 60's garage licks, this is a good way to ease.

Other things that have been floating my boat:
The Bitters - Wooden Glove EP
Blank Dogs - On Two Sides
Brilliant Colours - S/T Ep & Highly Evolved 7"
Charlie & The Moon Hearts - Thunderbeast tape
Christmas Island - demos
Cult Ritual - Youth Attack eps
Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes (look out for the Germs of Youth 2 x 12" reissue ssoon)
Dum Dum Girls 12"
Epsilons - Kill Em deader
The Gun Club - Fire Of Love
Holy Cobras - Make Pyramids
The Intelligence - Fake Surfers
The Mayfair Set 7"
Mi Ami - Watersports LP
Jeff Mangum - Live at Jittery Joes Lp
Party Fowl 7"
Shangri La's - best of
Thee Ohs Sees - Masters bedroom
George Harrison - All things Must Pass
Triumph Of Lethargy - Bird Songs
Ty segall - s/t
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin 7"
Women - s/t & live

matt flag xo

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