Friday, 7 August 2009

Eddy Fair Oh and John Male Bonding Dude-out on facebook

3:20pm Eddy
i am so scared of you

3:21pm John
i like you - you'll be ok

3:21pm Eddy
no no
im genuinely frightened
im all "oh man, ive upset john webb"
and i pretend im cool with it, but then i worry for the next few hours
like youre a girl i really like or something, and im all "stop being a bitch" but really im thinkin "dont stop diggin me, plz, ill do anything. how can i be better for you?"
its pretty sad
and im sorry

3:23pm John

eddy - we're tight
i love you

3:23pm Eddy

oh man

3:23pm John

everything will be fine
we're gonna work through this

3:23pm Eddy
i dont know if i can change like you want me to
i dont know if i can be that person for you

3:24pm John

you have to change, otherwise you'll kill this

3:24pm Eddy
but i need this

3:30pm John
we both need this eddy

3:30pm Eddy

lets not fight anymore, lets only make love

3:31pm John

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